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Fun Facts About Cute Animals for Kids

Hello there! Guess what! I’ll talk about the most amazing facts about adorable animals. Not one, two, or three, but many animals. Ready. Go. 

  • I know you might think the polar bear’s hair is white. Would you believe me if I were to tell you that it’s colorless? Yes, let’ see. The hair’s strands are hollow and can reflect light. As a result, the reflected light creates a white appearance of the polar bear. The polar bear’s skin is black and can absorb light. And this keeps the bear warm. 
  • How many bones does your neck have? If you said seven, you’re correct. So does the giraffe. But the difference is that the bones are bigger than ours. 
  • I believe you’ve seen gorillas before. Did you know that each gorilla has a different pattern of wrinkles on its nose? Yes, that’s right. The design is called a nose print. Those who study and work with these animals use unique nose prints to follow individual gorillas.
  • In the family of earthworms, you can’t find female or male earthworms.  They all have male and female organs. However, two earthworms will come together to mate.
  • Have you ever watched Vampire movies? They’ve long, sharp teeth. Maybe it’s because the real vampire bats have sharp teeth, too. When a vampire bat bites a prey to drink its blood, the prey won’t feel pain. That’s because the bat’s saliva numbs the pain. The bat will suck blood from the other animal for about 30 minutes.
  • Hippos are relatives to dolphins, whales, and porpoises.
  • How long is a chameleon’s tongue? It’s as long as its body. That’s amazing! Its tongue can strike prey at the twinkling of an eye. 
  • Ever seen huskies? They can run at about 20mph or 31km an hour. They can run for a long distance.
  • Have you not wondered why an eagle could swoop down on fish? It has a sharp eye-sight. Its eyes can see an object even if it’s far away.
  • What happens when a starfish divides into several pieces, say four? Four starfish will emerge as long as each piece has some central disc parts. That’s incredible!
  • In the U.S., the giant land mammal is an adult bison. 
  • Hummingbirds’ wings can beat nearly 200 times a second for the bird to stay in one place in the air. 
  • You know that when it’s dark, human eyes can’t see unless there’s enough light. But a jaguar has no problem with the darkness. Its eyes can see six times better than ours. 
  • Did you know that there’s a giant tortoise that weighs 550 lbs. or 250kg? I can hear you saying, that’s unbelievable! You can find the tortoise near Ecuador in the Galapagos Islands.
  • The tawny male and female owls have a unique way of talking with each other. They make a ‘twit-two’ sound. The female calls ‘twit’ or ‘kewick,’ and the male answers by saying ‘twoo.’ 
  • When it comes to the number of hairs mammals have, no animal can match a sea otter. A giant one has about 8 million hairs. A human being has nearly five million hairs on their body.
  • Next time you see a housefly sitting on something, it could be laying eggs. It lays between 100-150 eggs in batches. 

Free Printable Cute Animal Coloring Pages

So far, so good. You’ll enjoy the next fun activity. It’s a collection of cute animal coloring pages. These free printable coloring pages are the perfect choice for all kids. They can improve color recognition and fine motor skills.

Older kids and young ones need colored pencils and crayons to create fantastic worksheets. The animal coloring pages are even ideal for kindergarten kids. Also, they’ll have plenty of fun with the baby animal coloring pages. 

Each cute animal coloring page offers lots of activities. Kids will color a lion, a giraffe, a polar bear, a baby animal, a hippo, an elephant, and a tiger. They’ll also illustrate fish, a zoo, a bird, and more wild animals.