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I know that we can’t predict or determine exactly what our children’s interests will be. I mean, ideally, kids will love some of the same things their parents do. However, sometimes kids go off script and start loving something that parents may not be thrilled about. Crocodiles are one of the subjects I would be less than thrilled about. But, some parents and children love these giant reptiles. Crocodile coloring pages provide a fun coloring activity for those needing more crocs in their lives, and I don’t mean the shoes. Printable crocodile coloring pages are a great way to help your crocodile lover decorate their room, practice fine motor skills, or just spend a cold day inside.

A Little About Crocodiles

Crocodiles are the largest living reptiles on the planet. These massive-jawed reptiles also happen to have the strongest bite per square inch as well. So, if that doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will. Another interesting fact is that crocodiles actually do produce tears, so a source exists for the expression. Crocodiles are excellent swimmers and have excellent night vision. So, no nighttime dips for me. Crocodiles are descended from the dinosaurs, and they live pretty long lives. So, these fascinating creatures have been around for a long time.

Coloring Crocodiles

Printable crocodile coloring pages are fantastic for kids to color. These coloring sheets are perfect for inspiring creativity. Some of the pages will be cartoony and simple by design. Your preschooler will love these. Older kids will love the detail of more life-like coloring pages. Some of the pages will place the crocodile in their habitat. Whether it is a marshy area of the Americas or a watering hole on the plains of Africa, the colorful environment will provide a great challenge for your young artists. Whether you have a toddler, an older child, or a range of young and old, you will find some excellent crocodile coloring pages to meet your child’s interests.

Famous Crocodiles

Now, a crocodile is different from an alligator. So, in this run-down of famous crocodiles that can appear in coloring pages, there will be no gators, despite the similarities. But, there are some famous crocodiles in today’s popular culture. Whether from a book, legend, or video game, here are some of the more famous crocs today.

In ancient Egypt, the crocodile was a common symbol. Amongst the Egyptian Pantheon is a crocodile-headed god named Sobek. Sobek is the god of fertility and power. Also, the crocodiles of the Nile are famously represented as the antagonists of the Hebrews, as the pharaoh dictated the death of the male babies amongst the Hebrew slaves.

On a lighter note, there is a very famous crocodile in the stories of Peter Pan. A ticking crocodile terrorizes the infamous Captain Hook. This crocodile, Tick Tock, ate Cpt. Hook’s hand and is eager to finish the job. Kids will love a crocodile coloring page depicting the antics of Cpt. Hook and the ticking crocodile.

The superhero Batman is also familiar with a character named Killer Croc. If your child is a crocodile fan and a superhero fan, perhaps coloring pages featuring Batman vs. the Killer Croc will be the right picture.

The Kung Fu Panda franchise also created a famous crocodile. Mast Crocodile is one of the Kung Fu masters that need help from Po and the Furious Five in Kung Fu Panda 2. Coloring pages featuring Master Croc or any other martial artist animals from the movie are sure to be a hit.