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We all love fairy tale stories. When it comes to Cinderella, we all hope that she finds her happy ending. This is a story that’s filled with lots of teachable moments for our kids. But, how much do we know about Cinderella? Is it enough for us to get through our Cinderella coloring pages? Or do we need a crash course in what makes her story so unique? Let’s read more to find out about our favorite story about this princess. 

It’s Based on a Real Story, Sort Of

There is a twist to the Cinderella story that we know. According to legend, there was a slave girl who lived in Ancient Egypt. She had her shoe stolen by an eagle, and an ancient Greek geographer was the one who witnessed this phenomenal story. The king in Egypt found this sandal. But, when he discovered the owner, he fell in love with her. They got married, and as the story goes, they lived happily ever after. As time went by, this story was adapted over and over again. Until it became what we know it as in our coloring pages. 

There was no Fairy Godmother

Since the original story was set in Ancient Egypt, there wasn’t a fairy godmother initially. It wasn’t until the last 1600s when the story was changed that there were characters that were added. There are speculations that the original godmother was just the spirit of the slave girl’s departed grandmother. However, to give the story more thought and creativity, they added a magical godmother who granted the slave girl her desires. In fact, there have been various versions of Cinderella until now. For instance, the glass slipper that we know has been depicted as magical rings, fur slippers, and silver. These versions make it interesting for us to color in our pages. 

She Saved Walt Disney 

At the time when Walt Disney decided to create an animated version of Cinderella, his studio wasn’t doing too well. It was likely the biggest financial risk that he could ever make. The last hit that they had had was Snow White in the late 1930s. Due to many reasons, he was in $4 million debt. This meant that if Cinderella didn’t do well on screen, we wouldn’t know Walt Disney for what it is today. He would have had to shut down operations and venture into different territory. However, as luck would have it, his roll of the dice became a major hit. So, Cinderella helped save this amazing animation studio to give us classic after classic. Moreover, we get to have different versions of Cinderella that we can find in our coloring pages. 

In addition to saving the studio, Cinderella was the first live-action film that the studio gambled on producing. Due to limitations on funds, it took the studio 3 years to finish shooting this movie. The animators must have had a whole lot of work on their shoulders. 

She’s the Oldest Princess 

Well, that’s according to Disney’s princess standards anyway. But, when we look at all the other princesses, they are younger than Cinderella. She is said to be around 20 years old. But, it’s rumored that this could change. If Star Wars’ princess Leia joins the other Disney princesses, she will likely become the eldest one yet.