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Fun Facts About Cats for Kids

Hey guys and gals!¬† What’s going on? Do you have cats at home? I hope so because I’m¬†talking about cats today. Ready. Let’s jump in.

Back to cats.

  • Do you have a sweet tooth? That’s amazing!  Cats cannot tell if something is sweet or not!
  • Does your cat have freckles around its eyelids and mouth? Ginger tabby cats have freckles. My Daisy didn’t have them.
  • When a cat gets injured, it can heal itself by purring. Its bones and muscles can repair themselves.
  • Cats aren’t good communicators like birds. When they meow, it’s either they’re talking to us, or the kittens are around their mother.
  • I used to think that cats loved milk. And so, I would give Daisy some milk because of adverts or pictures of cats drinking milk. However, I’ve learned that cats are enemies of milk. Do you give your cat milk?
  • How long do you think a cat can live? The Guinness Book has a record of a cat that lived for 38 years and three days in Texas. Remarkable!
  • When it comes to the number of neurons, cats aren’t a match for dogs. Cats are champs! Cats have 300M neurons, while dogs have nearly 160M.
  • Some cats have more toes than others. They’re called polydactyl cats and have 1 or 2 other toes due to a genetic mutation. Some people also say Ernest Hemingway, who was a writer, had plenty of these cats. That’s the reason polydactyl cats are sometimes called Hemingway cats.
  • I suggest you keep many cats and post your photos on Tiktok or Instagram. Maybe some people will name the cats after your name. What do you think?
  • Where do you think the pet door for cats comes from? History says that Sir Isaac Newton created the idea behind the pet door that people now carry cats outdoors.
  • There are 44 cat breeds, according to the Cat Fanciers Association. 
  • Cats are known for their jumps. They can jump 8 feet, which is about six times the cat’s body length. 
  • Cats have a sharper smell than humans. They use their powerful sense of smell to pick out objects and people.
  • How do cats sweat? They sweat through their paws.
  • Did you know that cats can only move their jaws up and down? They can’t move them side to side.
  • Whenever you see a group of cats, know that it’s a clowder.
  • You can call a female cat a queen or a molly. And a male cat is known as an atom.
  • Cats have 32 muscles. As a result, they can rotate their ears 180 degrees.
  • A cat spends most of its time sleeping and probably dreaming about how to catch mice. Please, friends, don’t be like cats. You’ll fail at school. I know it because I used to be a teacher. 
  • Cats’ noses are as different as our fingerprints.
  • Have you ever counted a cat’s eyelids? Check for three eyelids.
  • A cat’s heart beats faster than ours. Its heart rate ranges between 110-140 beats a minute.
  • Some people believe that having a cat is good for your health. I don’t go along with this idea. But who am I to bash other people’s views? 
  • Cats avoid fighting. They try to keep away from each other to prevent fights. I like this behavior. When I was a boy, I’d run away from bullies. What about you? Are you like cats or a fighter? 
  • Cats use their left paw most of the time.

Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages

With all these fantastic cat facts, you can now have more fun with your cat. I’ve got more fun-packed activities for you. I want you to work on a vast collection of cat coloring pages.

You need crayons and colored pencils to create beautiful free coloring pages. Whether you’re a preschooler or kindergarten, you can have a great time with each cat coloring page. You’ll color different things. Some examples include a cute cat, a kitten, a cute kitten, a dog, a black cat, and an adorable cat.

Big kids or older kids can also find the cat coloring pages exciting. They can make Halloween crafts, color a Halloween pumpkin, and Gabby’s dollhouse. After the children have worked on their printable cat coloring pages, they can produce a coloring book.