Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable Cakes coloring pages below.

Who can ever get enough cake? This decadent dessert seems to be getting better and better with time. And our kids love them more than we can imagine. Having cake in our homes is always a good idea. And so are these cake coloring pages. We should read on to find out what we can learn about our most favorite dessert. 

1. They Have Evolved

Nowadays, when we think of cakes, we think of extravagant creations. It’s impossible for us to imagine the earlier versions of our favorite cakes. These were nothing more than just flat and compact discs of grain flour that was just put together. In fact, these cakes were raised with yeast. They were much closer to the bread that we enjoy for breakfast than they were to the cakes that have evolved. Luckily, these interactive cake coloring pages give us the platform to remind everyone about the origins of our favorite sweet treat. Be sure to show how much our cakes have changed over the centuries. 

2. Festive Desserts Have Changed 

Our beloved and fruity Christmas cake is a new addition to festive desserts. In the 1800s, there used to be a Twelfth Cake that was the preferred option. Over some time and due to our taste buds broadening, we decided to introduce a twist to this old school dessert. Our cake coloring pages have various cakes that we can color in. We can use different colors to show our fruity modern twist to this popular festive dessert.

3. Fruit Cake Lasts for a Long Time 

We all know how delicious a fruit cake gets when we store it longer. In ancient times, our fruit cakes were eaten by crusaders to sustain them as they journeyed for months to other parts of the world. They lasted longer and gave them more energy than traditional food because of the sugar content in them. Now, when we attend weddings, we are mainly given fruit cake.

It has become a preferred option because it can be stored to perfection without needing a refrigerator. Fruit cake even has myths surrounding it. According to old wives tales, young women used to place a piece of this cake under a pillow so that they could dream of whom they would marry. The great news is that fruit cake can be made fun on our coloring pages, especially with the mix of colors that it has. 

4. The History of Tiered Cakes and Icing 

Tiered cakes date back to 1858. The very first recorded one was made for Queen Victoria’s daughter, Victoria. Additionally, this cake was the first cake to use pure white icing on it. This is why we still refer to this type of icing as royal icing. 

5. Who Eats the Most Cake?

In the UK, more than £350 million is spent on cakes annually. Globally, up to 100 million cakes are eaten daily. In addition to these staggering numbers, we seem to love chocolate cake more than any other flavor. Vanilla flavored cake is our second favorite. It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys cake. Showing this love on our cake coloring pages should be a wonderful experience. 

6. Cakes Were Exclusive Dessert

The type of cakes that we enjoy today were only reserved for the elite back in the olden days. They were a common feature if you belonged to a certain class. The thing is that only upper class citizens could afford certain ingredients. In those days, sugar was very expensive. It was only towards the 1900s that we could all afford to buy cake ingredients.