Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable bunny coloring pages below.

I have been trying to figure out why bunny coloring pages are a good idea. Since I have a pet bunny, I thought that I should give these a try. I also think that my kids will love having bunny coloring pages to learn more about our adorable and furry pet. Learning more about what our bunny likes should help us to make our coloring activity more fun. Let’s keep reading to find out more. 

They Have a Long Lifespan 

The great thing about getting bunny coloring pages is that we can show different stages of your bunny’s growth. The thing that we should know about bunnies is that they live for a long time. Some can even live for up to 18 years. Having a pet bunny, lets us rest-assure that we’ll still spend a lot of time together. This means that we still have a lot of bunny coloring pages to get through. 

They’re Prey Animals

Our kids would love to get a little bunny that they can call their own. Having a hippy little bunny around the house is something that all kids would enjoy. However, since our bunny is primarily a prey animal, it can be difficult to keep him contained. If our youngest kid is taking care of him, he can get startled by any sudden movement. This can make him think that our child is a predator, and attack in self-defense. For now, I can teach our youngest child about bunnies from these fun coloring pages. It’s advisable for us to consider waiting until our children are a bit older before we can bring in a pet bunny at home. 

They Enjoy Companionship 

It is great to know that we are not the only ones who think that bunny coloring pages are a great idea for our kids. The great news is that our kids will learn a lot of interesting things as they color in through these pages. Because we already have a pet bunny, then it’s better. We now know that our pet bunny enjoys having a companion. I hadn’t thought of getting him a friend, but now I should. In bunny coloring pages we’ll also notice that there’s hardly ever a single bunny for us to color in. There’s always more than one bunny that we can color in. So, we should make sure that our bunny always has a friend whether at home or in our coloring pages. 

They Need to Exercise 

I didn’t know that bunnies need an average of 4 hours a day of exercise. This means that we should reconsider leaving our bunny cooped up in his cage throughout the day. The thing about exercising is that it’s good for our bunny. Just like how it is for us. We can show our kids this important detail when we color in our bunny on grass fields. Having ample space gives our bunny a lot of room to roam around and stretch his tiny legs. So, at home we should consider having a room that our bunny can use to roam free in. 

They Don’t Like Carrots 

This is a surprising fact. When we’re coloring your bunny it’s easy for us to get lost in the carrot details. However, in real-life our bunny likely doesn’t even want to eat carrots that much. Providing our bunny with a balanced and delicious diet of veggies is important. Actually, a good amount of hay and grass should be sufficient for most of our bunny’s diet. We should also think of adding other vegetables like broccoli and lettuce to give our bunny more variety. We can’t feed him carrots only, and we shouldn’t forget to color our bunny coloring pages with more veggie variations.