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A hummingbird flies from its home to check out the surrounding flowers.
An illustration of two birds flying towards a charming birdhouse enveloped in flowers.

Fun Facts About Birds for Clever Kids

Hey, Y’all. We’ve got fabulous stuff for you—fun facts about birds. We’re sure you’ll like dem. Let’s dive in.  

1. Bird lovers say there are 10,000 bird species. That’s something. The number includes huge and tiny birds in many different colors. What’s your favorite bird color?

2. How do birds increase in number? They lay eggs. And it’s the females that have this vital responsibility. When the little birds have grown big in the eggs, they hatch. Mother birds look after the chicks in the nest until they can fly and feed on their own.

3. Like us, birds migrate to other places. So, birds migrate when food runs out in one country or location, or the weather isn’t great for them. Scientists say that roughly 4000 birds migrate. 

4. Feathers give birds control over the wind when in mid-air. When it’s chilly, feathers can keep birds warm. And feathers add a bit of a swagger to their appearance. Peacocks are the masters at showing off with their dazzling feathers.

5. Do you think birds have teeth? No, they don’t have them. They eat their food by swallowing it. A unique organ known as a gizzard works like a grinding machine. It crushes the food into digestible bits.

6. If you think humans are the only ones good at communicating, get this fact. Birds have their way of talking with each other. They sing and chirp for many reasons. And one of them is attracting a mate. The other is striking fear into predators. Birds also make particular sounds to give a warning of danger. 

7. A flock is a group of birds of the same species. They always stick together to protect themselves from danger.  A flock also travels together in search of food.

8. Have you ever noticed that a parrot can mimic what you say? Ravens and crowns can copy your words, too.

9. Which bird do you think has the biggest eyes? If you said ostriches, you’re right. Their eggs are also the largest. As for their size, no bird can match them. They’re gigantic. 

10. The bee hummingbird is the tiniest bird on earth. Its size can go up to 6.1 centimeters. 

11. Like us, birds are warm-blooded. They can keep the same temperature.

12. Birds’ bones are hollow like straw. As a result, they’re light and find it easy to fly.

13. Birds take care of themselves by using their feathers to get rid of the fungus. They also like spending some time in the water to clean their feathers. Or they sometimes use dust. 

14. Other insects, like ants, can find their way into the feathers. Birds won’t mind this because ants will eat parasites. 

Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages

Welcome to fun activities! We’re super excited to present to you a great collection of free printable bird coloring pages. Whether you’ve got preschoolers, toddlers, or younger kids, you’ll have fun with the free coloring pages. They’re perfect for improving their fine motor skills.

Each coloring sheet only needs your child to have colored pencils to create a brilliant piece of art. Younger kids would have more fun because they’ll color different bird species. They’ll also illustrate many things, such as a flamingo, a bald eagle diving, a hummingbird, a macaw, a chickadee, and a pelican.

Toddlers will find other animals, like angry birds, parrots, state birds, blue jays, and more. The bird coloring pages may encourage your kids to be true nature lovers.