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I love bears. Having been raised in the mountain-west of the United States, I have been privileged to see bears in the wild, at bear sanctuaries, and in national parks like Yellowstone. These fascinating creatures are great subjects of coloring pages. Kids young and old will enjoy coloring many bear-themed coloring sheets. A bear coloring page will provide educational value for your preschooler or older kids that are students, and also be fantastic fun.

Types of Bears to Color

Last summer, I was hiking in the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park with a group of young men aged 12 to 18 and several other adult chaperones. It was June, and some of the lower meadows were flooded or quite muddy. But, I distinctly remember pausing along the trail when I saw a clearly defined bear paw print in the mud. I remember my trepidation despite knowing that a bear would avoid a large and raucous group like mine, but I distinctly remember the wariness and respect I felt to know that a bear had walked through the same mud shortly before us.

The bear track from this experience was from a black bear. I have seen black bears and the infamous grizzly bears in the wild. Some of these experiences have been close calls, while other lucky occasions. But, there are so many other incredible species of bear that your kids may want to color. The Polar Bear is distinct with its white fur and elongated snout. The Grizzly Bear terrified the explorers of the expanding frontier with its gigantic size and recognizable hump on their backs. Black Bears are common across North America. Perhaps the very recognizable Panda Bear will bring some fun coloring to your kids. Or the Sloth Bear with its incredible tongue. A bear coloring sheet depicting any of these bears will have your kids breaking out colored pencils.

Care Bears

Popular culture has also introduced some very memorable bears geared toward children. One such franchise is the Care Bears. When I was a kid, I remember watching Care Bears with my sister. Now, the series has perpetuated as my child snuggles a Grumpy Bear stuffed animal at night. The show introduces characters like Tenderheart, Wonderheart, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Harmony, and of course, the famous blue care bear, Grumpy. A printable coloring page depicting these adorable bears with their belly badges is an excellent subject for coloring due to the multi-colored characters.

Kung Fu Panda

Another famous bear in the world of children is the dragon warrior Po, from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Po is an overweight Panda Bear that hilariously fulfills his destiny of becoming the hero of China, all while stuffing his face every chance he gets. Po’s companions, like Tigris, Mantis, Viper, and Monkey, are all excellent characters to color. Printable coloring pages that depict Po and his friends are sure to be perfect entertainment for your kids, and have them color their crayon to a little nib.

Teddy Bears

The history of the Teddy Bear all started with a 1902 bear hunting trip. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt had yet to down a bear on the hunt. Some people on the expedition caught a black bear and tied it to a tree. When President Roosevelt was presented with the tied-up bear that he could kill at his leisure, he refused the unsportsmanlike manner of executing the bear. The experience was satirized in political cartoons, and soon the Teddy Bear stuffed animals were being produced to honor President Roosevelt.

A Teddy Bear coloring page depicting cute and fuzzy Teddy Bears are sure to please all your little ones that have a plush sleeping companion. These Teddy Bears can be seen in scenes or perhaps just sitting there being a cute bear. But, printing out some coloring pages depicting Teddy Bears is a fun activity to pass the afternoon.