Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable beach coloring pages below.

Our beach coloring pages offer numerous lovely beach scenes to color and with which to craft. We provide plenty of beach-themed printable pages for your children to color. In this blog, we provide a few pointers on how to color beach pictures and ideas on adding artistic touches to your coloring page creations.

Choosing to color the sand white creates a challenge. White sand beaches like those in Naples or Kailua-Kona won’t stand out against the printer paper but choosing a cream or tan color for the sand solves this problem. Some beaches have black sand-like Honokalani and Punaluu Beach. These beaches may be near a volcano or a now inactive volcano. Some of these beach pictures feature seashells, while others have pristine sand.

Coloring pictures of the beach requires many shades and hues of the color blue – cerulean, sky, cornflower, royal, etc. The beach coloring page may include fish, such as dolphins jumping in the water or a whale spewing water from the hole in its head. Each beach coloring page contains various species of animals, so the picture might have a dog to color catching a frisbee or a lobster wandering on the shore. The beaches probably contain a few turtles of various sizes or depict an individual riding horseback on the beach.

We suggest reading a book about the beach or looking at some high-quality websites about the ocean, the various world seas, and marine life. Many forms of wildlife live on the seashore. These beach scenes might also include seagulls, pelicans, flamingos, and buzzards. Some of the beach coloring pages also include beach-related fun, such as colorful umbrellas to provide shade at the hottest, brightest parts of the day and a volleyball net surrounded by people playing the bouncy sport. Not every summer coloring page will include such scenes, since some depict a sandcastle or palm tree orchard. Some of these pictures depict families on vacation. They might be using a beach chair, beach ball, surfboard, or just enjoying a tropical beach.

Use a stomp to blend the colors on the coloring sheet so the different hues of your ocean waves look realistic. Stomps also work well to blend colored pencils or crayons, or oil pastel sticks, but add water to watercolors to lighten a dark shade and blend it with other colors. That glitter glue comes in handy for coloring the sand on many of these pages.

Finally, remember to shade the animals and objects in the picture to make them look real. Shade one side of the beach to make it look like the bird stands in natural light. Make these free printables like original artwork with a little creative thinking and found materials. Add yarn, thread, buttons, stickers, etc. to turn the coloring page into a 3D craft. Using watercolors can make your coloring sheet look like a painting.

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