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The name Barbie Roberts has been in our households for as long as we can remember. We love her pink outfits, her signature moves, and how she evolves to make sure that she sticks with the times. Our favorite mid-Western gal has been gracing our screens, magazines, and more since 1959. Even though she is well in her 60s, she still doesn’t look a day over the age of 19. She remains iconic in everything that she does. In addition, her fashion sense is still unmatched. But what do we know about our favorite doll besides that she has Ken by her side? These Barbie coloring pages should teach us a thing or two about her to add some zing into our day. Let’s read more to find out about Miss Roberts.

A Former Pentagon Engineer Designed Her

To make sure that she would be lauded for being a quality doll, she was designed by a former Pentagon engineer. Jack Ryan knew more about using quality materials to create an impressionable doll. But quality wasn’t the only thing that was needed. Barbie needed to be a multifunctional toy for kids to play with. Fortunately, Jack delivered on both. Barbie has been known as a quality doll for decades now. 

She is Real

Surprisingly, Barbie was named after Barbara Handler. Back then she was a shy teenage girl and her parents created a doll for her. Even though she was overwhelmed by the idea of having such a world-famous namesake, she was happy that her parents named a doll after her. In fact, our Ken is also derived from a real-life person. In 1961, Barbara’s parents decided to create a male doll that was named after their son, Kenneth Handler. However, as we all know and can see from our coloring pages, our fictional Barbara and Kenneth aren’t siblings, but they have a romantic interest instead. 

Perhaps, this is the reason why Ken never pops the question, and they never get married. Yet, Barbie enjoys looking good in a wedding gown. There are plenty of wedding inspired looks that we can get to color in our pages. Who doesn’t love to play dress up for a wedding they’ll never attend?

She is a Career-Driven Woman

The thing that we love about Barbie is that she doesn’t believe in any glass ceilings. She goes for everything and anything that she puts her mind to. Her career track record is a great way to show us this. When we were first introduced to her, she was still a teenage girl who only wanted to walk the runway. But, as time went by, she had more interests. For example, Barbie has been a surgeon, an astronaut, a chef, tennis pro, ballerina, and even an American Idols winner. 

There is no denying that she is one of the best fictional role models that our kids can learn from. However, the most amazing thing about her career changes is that they give us more options for adding a pop of color in our pages. We can showcase her different careers by using colors that are associated with that specific career. For example, a surgeon is known for wearing green scrubs. So, we can use our shades of green to bring out the hospital funk in our Barbie.

She is a Fashionista

The one thing about our favorite doll is that she is a real fashionista. Her fashion sense has helped her to get outfits from the likes of Vera Wang, , Givenchy, and Versace designed specifically for her. Her wardrobe is full of many outfits that we would love to have in our very own closets.