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Whenever we think of astronauts, we think of a lot of interesting things that they get up to. Our astronaut coloring pages are full of different space adventures that we haven’t even imagined. But, out of all these things that we get to color in, a little is mentioned about the main things that astronauts need when they head up to space. So, I decided to compile this list of 5 things for us to learn that astronauts are likely to pack when they zoot off to Mars. Let’s keep reading to learn what they are. 

A Pencil or Two

Funny enough, America spent millions of dollars on a special pen that was meant to be used by our astronauts in space. It turns out that there wasn’t any need since a pencil is as good as any to write down anything. Especially when astronauts are in space. As a result, a pencil has become one of the most important things that they can take with them when they get on a spaceship. It makes it easy for them to use simple things that are also functional. A pencil serves this purpose. Plus, having a pencil with us anywhere gives us an opportunity to explore the same creative side that our astronaut coloring pages give us.

Lots of Wet Wipes 

We all need to make sure that we maintain hygienic practices wherever we go. It doesn’t come as a surprise that when astronauts go to space, one of the essential items that they should bring with them is none other than our regular wipes. Since water is a scarce resource when astronauts are in space, it’s advisable for them to bring a lot of wet wipes with them. However, it’s better to have gentle ones to use for your skin. The bleach infused ones should only be used for cleaning surfaces. 

A Stack of Photographs 

When astronauts are out there and spending a lot of time away from their family, it’s important for them to carry items that will make the journey easier. Photos are an essential thing to have. In fact, some well-known astronauts reportedly take memorabilia like photographs, and they leave it on the moon. Each person does something that they feel is unique to bring them closer to their loved ones while they’re away. 

Plenty of Socks

If we ever had to plan a trip to space, we wouldn’t even need to pack any shoes. That’s right, in space we barely need to touch the floor. When we can’t touch the ground due to gravity, we realize just how much we don’t need shoes. Socks are the only things that we should use as our main footwear. Astronauts need to protect their feet against any footholds when they’re up there. The great thing about socks nowadays is that they’ve become a creative way for self-expression. They can be anything that we want them to be. And astronauts can also wear socks with designs on them that have the family photographs to keep them warm throughout. 

Male and Female Velcro Dots 

It’s a little-known fact that there are various velcro dots that are found all over the moon. The fact is that astronauts need to have velcro dots to help them keep small tools and other useful items on them. Long before the first space mission was even announced, velcro was already invented. However, its novel uses in space is something that we can agree made this not so flattering material popular. Many of us even believe that velcro was invented by NASA so that it could be a useful material in space.