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When it comes to superheroes, Aquaman seems to be one of those that tops our list. Not only is he relatable because of his human side, but he is also fascinating because he can control everything in the sea. Let’s find out more about our water loving superhero. 

Who is Aquaman? 

Imagine how fun life would be if we all had a mixture of human capabilities and the ability to control marine life? For our favorite adventurer, Arthur Curry, this is the life that he lives. This has helped him to have superhuman strength and the abilities to swim faster than any other human can ever swim. Surviving in both land and water while being the heir of the most powerful throne in Atlantis sounds like something that we all can only dream of. 

Our kids love Aquaman. These Aquaman coloring pages give us so much more to do. From the enchanting castles underneath the ocean, to the tall buildings when he roams our cities. They are full of color and magical creations that we can have fun coloring in. 

Interesting Facts about Aquaman 

1. Dolphins Raised Him

The origins of Aquaman aren’t as happy as we would like to think. He was born as an outcast. His mother is a Queen and his father an evil wizard. The blonde hair that he was born with was what set him apart from the rest of the tribe. Unfortunately, he was sent to the reef where he was meant to die. Luckily, he could breathe underwater and on land. So, his survival instincts kicked in and his abilities of talking to sea animals helped him more than he thought. He was then raised by dolphins until his foster Curry family found him and raised him as a Hu child.

2. He is a Telepath

We have been misinformed that Aquaman can verbally communicate with vast sea animals. However, this is far from being true. The only way that he can communicate with animals is telepathically. In addition to this, he can gain complete control over them. If a war ensues in the ocean, we can bet our hard money that Aquaman will call on the most dangerous sea animals to attack his enemies. 

3. His Wife is an Assassin 

Mera and Aquaman fell in love at first sight. Even though she became a prominent member of the Atlantis family, she is in fact an assassin from another dimension that was sent to kill Aquaman. But, when she met him, she couldn’t go through with it. So, she decided to stay and fight beside him in the breathtaking Atlantis. 

4. He has a Brother

Well he is a half-brother, and they have the same father. Orm, his brother, is an ocean master. This made him feel threatened by Aquaman’s abilities to control all sea life. As a result, he wanted to get rid of him. This brotherly spat has gone on for as long as we can remember. Another unfortunate fact about Orm is that he has a trident that he can’t seem to use, but he can’t be separated from it either. If he does either of these two things, he will always find himself in great pain.

5. He is Powerful

Aquaman has an array of powers that make him one of the most powerful superheroes that we know. On top of all of these innate abilities that he has, he owns a mystical trident. His trident that we see in our coloring pages is a fashion accessory. Yet, it also does really cool things like controlling the weather, tides, and making anything disappear. It is said that this trident that we see in our coloring pages is a reflection of all the power and status that Aquaman has.