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Fun Facts About Alligators for Cool Kids

Hey there! Today, I’ll tell you about alligators. Let’s get started.

Alligators have one big problem. They can’t remove salt from their bodies, like their cousins, the crocodiles. As a result, they can’t swim in habitats with salt.

Here’s a simple quiz. Of these two reptiles, which one would you find relaxing in saltwater?

How big do you think an alligator is? 10 feet. 15 feet or more. If you said 15 feet and more, you’re right. For now, the giant alligator is 15 feet 9 inches in length. It has a mass of 1,011.5 pounds. But a croc can be as long as 17 feet.  

 So, tell me, guys and gals, what makes a baby alligator male or female? Temperature. Well, I’m also amazed. The warmer the baby alligator’s nest is, the higher the chances the baby will be male. And female babies like cool temperatures. I think the female babies deserve a big shoutout. 

Adult female alligators favor a heap of dirt to lay their eggs. Their snouts have an egg tooth to break the eggshell when their eggs have become ready to hatch. 

 Do you think you can run faster than alligators? Let’s see. Alligators can reach 35 miles per hour, but only for a short distance. Their muscular tails move them forward while swimming. 

What makes an alligator see its prey even if it’s in the water? Its eyes are on top of its head. Like cats, alligators can see clearly at night. If you want to know how giant an alligator is, check the gap between its eyes. A long-distance between the eyes shows that the alligator is longer.

They eat meat most of the time. However, alligators can feed on fruit. Adult alligators eat mammals, big fish, birds, turtles, and snakes. And the younger ones eat small fish, amphibians, and bugs.

Where do you think you can find alligators? They like freshwater, lakes, creeks, swamps, and marshes. In the U.S., you can see alligators in North Carolina, Texas, and the southeastern part, where the water moves slowly.

Alligators can replace their teeth. They’ve got 75 teeth, but alligators lose their teeth when they break off or wear down. Because of this, they can have nearly 3000 teeth during their lifetime. Alligators have a powerful bite. It can be 3,000 pounds an inch. That’s amazing!

Mother alligators are good at taking care of their babies. They ensure the babies have enough food and are safe from predators. Mothers look after their young ones for roughly two years. 

During the chilly season, alligators dig out a tunnel in the mud to keep warm. These gator holes can be as long as 65 feet. Alligators can also use the tunnels to hide from hot sunny days.

Alligators are loud-noise makers. When they mate, they let out roars. Male alligators can also roar to draw mates or warn predators. 

Did you know that alligators can eat their young? Yes, that’s too bad. Some baby alligators may not make it to adulthood due to their parents eating them. Does this make alligators cruel reptiles? 

Scientists say that alligator blood contains antiviral and antibiotic elements. The blood can protect from the Herpes simplex virus, HIV-1, and Herpes simplex virus. Also, these elements offer protection to the alligator against infection arising from the injury.

Free Printable Alligator Coloring Pages

What’s going on, dudes? Now that you’ve learned about alligators, here are more fun-filled activities. I know that you’ll like the free alligator coloring pages. 

These free printable alligator coloring pages are perfect for adults, students, toddlers, and preschoolers. Yes, friends, mum, and daddy can work with you in coloring the brilliant free coloring pages. You need crayons, markers, and your favorite colored pencils to paint each alligator coloring sheet.

Each free alligator coloring page will spark your creativity. You’ll have plenty of fun. That’s because you’ll color a crocodile, a zoo, a Chinese alligator, and much more.

You can download each alligator coloring sheet. After you’ve colored all the beautiful illustrations, you can create a fantastic book to show off your art.